Sunday, May 26, 2013

Show 000 - dBase III Plus version 1.1

Greetz from rainy Portland Oregon!

The first episode of Next Without For, Show 000, is posted! The topic is dBase III Plus version 1.1.

Episode 000 is here:

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Hope you enjoy the episode! Chat with you all soon,

- Earl

P.S. - Links from the episode:

AtariAge 5200/8-Bit Programming section

Vintage Computer Forums, Retro Podcast Discussions

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  2. Hurrah! Great first show. Never dabbled with dBase myself, but you actually made it sound interesting.

    Looking forward to your future podcasts as you boldly code where no programmer has coded before.

  3. Man, this brought back some memories. I was a heavy dBase developer and moved to the cEnglish language after dBase 2, before DB3 came out, and spent about 4 years writing binary compiled applications in C & CEnglish because of dBase 2 roots.

    If you ever want to do a show on offshoots from this, I'm available for an interview, etc. In 1985/86 I moved from PC development to Macintosh development and began working with a similar database development language/environment called 4th Dimension and continued developing in that until about 2004. 4th Dimension is still around (barely) but I spoke at their annual conferences in the 1990s and 2000s and developed some commercially successful applications in it. They cross-ported to Windows in the late 1990s, and were one of the first 'all-in-one' development environments that also operated as a web server for web application development.

    Anyway if any of this becomes of interest somewhere in the future and you need some material for new shows, look me up. Thanks.

  4. Just finished listening to Episode 000 (Zero is ALWAYS first...) Yet another awesome job Earl - keep them coming.

  5. Great show!

    I also follow the RCR (and some of David's and Carrington's podcasts), so count this one as feedback for those as well. ;P

    /Another bad listener who's been too lazy to ever give feedback

  6. Wow! That took me back. But, and I say this as somebody with the deepest respect for your Mr Earl Sir, I detested dBase back in the day. Perhaps being taught to write COBOL on a PDP-11 then a MicroVAX made me a bit uppity? :)

  7. Still looking for Episode 1. Perhaps you're going for a One Megehertz style release schedule?

  8. Ah Genifer, which was actually part of Clipper. It worked, but the apps were ugly, even by late 80's standards. After learning dBase, I spent a great deal of time with FoxPro and then many years with Clipper. Great show!