Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to Next Without For

Hi there! Glad to see you!

Next Without For is a podcast dedicated to computer language implementations that are either (a) retro, or (b) new, but used for retro computers. Examples include Turbo Pascal, BDS C, CC65, etc.

At the outset, the goal is to publish one episode per month. Episodes will be staggered with other members of the Retrobits family of podcasts:

The Retrobits Podcast (general retrocomputing podcast)
Chicken Lips Radio (for Commodore computer systems)

Hope you'll stick around, and enjoy the podcast!

- Earl


  1. Yay!! as an Apple(][|(//(e|c)) programmer from way back, I'll be looking forward to this podcast!!

    Finger poised over the "Download Now" button.

  2. I can't wait. My main interest in retro computers is because they are so great to program. If the podcast is anywhere near as good as retrobits, we should be in for a real treat.

  3. Your new podcast got me thinking - back in the late 80's I was using a mainframe document composition system that had a programming language but, minimal looping structures, and no FOR/NEXT facility, so I wrote one for it. I posted the code and a brief write up over on my RetroRetrospective blog at

  4. Still waiting on this one too...

    Come to think of it, I'm still waiting on another retrobits!